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It had to happen

Last week, soon-to-be eyeborger Rob flew from chilly Canada to sunny San Francisco.  While he was in town he got together with fellow team member Kosta G. and the awesome people at Omnivision.   We all made it to the SPIE Photonics convention where we met with industry leaders and connected with companies that could help […]

Hope you like the new site! We’ve made major headway into the project over the last few months. We’re hoping to have a working prototype by the middle of next month. Just in time for some big journalism conferences! Stay tuned for updates, we’ve got a lot coming! -EyeBorg Team! Here is a link to a video report on a show called the Circuit on Space TV.Space TV is my favorite nerd channel where I watch a lot of my Star Trek.(Pleased nerd noises).

Another eye themed tune from Cuz. This one is called Needle in your eye. Its a good tune.

I found this old shot of me in University where I look a lot like Orwell. Strange!Take a look at this essay about Big Brother versus Little Brother from security guru Bruce Schneier. Big Brother isn’t what he used to be. George Orwell extrapolated his totalitarian state from the 1940s. Today’s information society looks nothing […] This guy is one hundred per cent Marine.

And here is the Canadian Press video of me getting a two part prosthetic popped in. There is enough room in there for the little camera that Omnivision sent us. Not far off now!

Story here. Toronto filmmaker plans to use prosthetic eye camera for documentary Big Brother is watching — and so is Little Brother.Toronto filmmaker Rob Spence says he is getting a tiny video camera put inside a prosthetic eye to allow him to secretly film his subjects. Spence says his goal is twofold: to raise awareness […]

This is so ironic its tiresome almost. I guess that’s one of the problems I have selling the idea for this documentary. Even my reaction is a bit ho-hum, for God’s sakes we have heard it all before. Yes, yes, we are turning into a Big Brother society. But, like, we are. Story is here. […]