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We’ve been busy behind the scenes here at Eyeborg HQ for the last few months but the time has come. We’re lifting the lid on what we’ve been working on! To celebrate the launch of their new game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Square Enix have commissioned Eyeborg to investigate prosthetics, cybernetics and human augmentation and […]

… just like fictional character Cherry Darlingʼs leg in Grindhouse by Robert Rodriguez. I am close to getting film funding for my Eyeborg doc (Jaysus, thank Gawd, etc) and one of the documentary subjects I need on board is some one, like me, who wants to Pimp Their Gimp. Let me explain. I didnʼt come […]

A technical overview of the work that’s been done to date and the plans for the future can be seen on Kosta has been in Scotland for the last few week working with miniaturization experts on improving the functionality and battery life of the eye.

The HAR 2009 hacker conference in Holland was an amazing experience.  We would like to thank everyone who made the event possible– it was an honor to speak there, we had a blast.   If you would like to download the slides of the technical presentation click here.  Video will be up shortly. But for […]

The bourgeoisie have the right idea. I type to you today from the 7th story fine dining facility of the Rockefeller Hotel and Club located just steps away from Rockefeller center in NYC. Around me the suits are having power meetings, pounding away on their laptops/blackberry, and trying desperately to stay (or at least look) […]

What a day. Rob had the audacity to bang on my door and wake me up after a measly three hours of sleep. I guess it was my fault for going to bed at 7 a.m. — but can you blame me? Toronto is a happening city, it’s dying to be romped around in during […]

Jimmy Fallon Spoofs the Eyeborg Project from eyeborg on Vimeo. Thank you Jimmy Fallon for your comic wonderment. Kosta looks like a deer in headlights from eyeborg on Vimeo. Kosta does his first LIVE interview with FOX News. A future in television– definite maybe. The brilliant part of this clip: Rob is referred to as […]

You were kind enough to mention your interest in the EyeBorg Project on your twitter feed. We’re glad you’re hiring one-eyed people, because we have just the guy for you! Lets get in touch, because we have some ideas for the best punk’d ever.

There’s a rumor going around that the eyeborg team put up a new movie about the project.  We hate rumors, so we’re here to set the record straight– yes we have, and you can watch it here. In other news:  all the worlds a-twitter and so are we.  Follow us, or we’ll shoot laser beams […]

I would like to give a big shoutout to Joenis of  Anhedonia Blue and Ali of Spaghetti Strap Western for their amazing help in creating the new website. We’re not just a blog anymore! Some updates: Kosta sent in the first revision of the eye for manufacturing– thank you Candor Industries for making the thinnest […]