… just like fictional character Cherry Darlingʼs leg in Grindhouse by Robert Rodriguez.

I am close to getting film funding for my Eyeborg doc (Jaysus, thank Gawd, etc) and one of the documentary subjects I need on board is some one, like me, who wants to Pimp Their Gimp.

Let me explain. I didnʼt come up with that term, Pimp My Gimp. I think the young soldiers in Iraq who lost various limbs mostly due to roadside bombs did. In fact, Doonesbury, a popular newspaper cartoonist, talks about it in his ongoing storyline.

So hereʼs the deal. Obviously I have some sense of what is like to lose a part of your body. I am looking for a woman missing one of her legs to have as much fun in the post-human realm as I have. Get some hot shit engineers and companies on board then live out a super hero fantasy. I want to help her Pimp Their Gimp.

Besides the Six Million Dollar Man (obviously)… My favourite missing-body-part superhero…is this woman right here.


Check out Cherry in action here.

Why let this character remain fictional? Not when we have the technology! (as they say in the opening to the Six Million Dollar Man) Here is the idea: We dont plan to hook up a real machine gun/rocket launcher to a woman with one leg. But perhaps… a world class paint ball marker leg?

We need an athletic, ass-kicking, kinda girl who wants on board. Eyeborg is taking applications.

Right now I am in Melbourne, Australia at the Other Film Festival — Australiaʼs only film festival featuring films about disabilities. Iʼm on the film jury and doing two speaking sessions down under. And the timing seems right.

Hereʼs the basics for the real Cherry Darling.

(1) You can be from anywhere but preferably close to Toronto, where I am from. If you truly kick ass it doesn’t matter where you are, we will find a way.

(2) We are going to help build you a paint ball machine gun leg and video document the process.

(3) When it’s all over you are going to take out dozens of dudes in a paintball gun match filmed Robert Rodriguez style.

(4) Your missing leg should be machine gun appropriate.

Send a photo, your height, and your story to:rob@eyeborgblog.com

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  1. Somedude

    It’s worth noting that over the US border, states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Michigan, allow for concealed or open carry of firearms. A fully automatic machine-gun would be problematic, but in the US, it’s totally possible you could build a semi-automatic firearm leg that would actually get used (in the walking sense, not the shooting sense) every day.

    I’m sure this isn’t in the cards, but something to think about.

  2. Al Pike, CP

    You need to checkout my website http://amputeeresource.org/CDH.html

    Al Pike, CP
    Certified Prosthetist

  3. someone

    It’s actually from Planet Terror, not from Death Proof.
    (she’s on the frikkin’ cover of Planet Terror! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1077258/)

  4. Eilidh

    Just for the record, Cherry Darling is from Grindhouse, not Death Proof. :)

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